Bathrooms, Wet Rooms and En-Suites


A place to relax, scrub the kids (and the dog) clean after jumping in muddy puddles all day or just a place to wash away the everyday stresses of life – the bathroom is the soul of the home.

Your bathroom must be practical with plenty of storage to hide away the hundreds of half full bottles of shampoo, it must be easy to clean and look good!

Wet-rooms are becoming increasingly more popular, especially if room is tight or life is too short to be spending it cleaning shower trays. Take a look at some of the suppliers we use to create our beautiful, bespoke bathrooms. Before you know it the candles will be lit, Marvin will be playing on the wireless speakers and you will be soaking in your dream bathtub with a glass of something bubbly in hand.

To view our Bathroom installs please visit our portfolio page.

Ideas and Inspiration

A selection of online brochures from some of our bathroom suppliers